Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome to Warragal Park

Welcome to our new blog.

We have been away from our home and farm at Warragal Park for nearly a year. We spent ten months in the Village of Sainte Marie d'Alloix in France, where the children went to school and learnt to speak French.

BUT... Now we are back, and trying to get back to our normal way of life.
Today the girls are at school, Roger and Hugh are taking Rams out to join them with the ewes, and I am home organising. Or, more precisely, Blogging!

This is a very brief post because really, I do have to organise this house. We brought back six suitcases from France, but I didn't unpack them until all the cupboards were cleaned out. So that is my job today...

Thank you for joining us on our new blog. We hope you enjoy following our daily life on the farm.

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