Monday, February 16, 2009

Windy Weekend

Something that I didn't miss when I was living in the Gresivaudan valley in France was the WIND. In fact sometimes we were wishing for a slight breeze to flush out the valley and bring some fresh air...
On Saturday at the farm the wind was very strong, and branches started to fall off trees. WE drove to Darkan for an 80th birthday party (Onya Bob!) and on the way we saw a part of a tree fall across the road in front of us. It was not a huge tree, but too heavy for us to shift by hand. And we didn't have a chainsaw in the boot... But Roger was able to break off enough of the top of the tree, at the edge of the road, so that we could get around and continue on our way.

Roger breaking off branches from the fallen tree.

Driving around the fallen tree.

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