Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Worms - Intestinal Parasites

Roger, faecal egg sampling on the farm.

Some of the sheep were looking poorly, so Roger collected some poo samples, and then looked for worm eggs through the microscope. First he has to weigh and measure to mix a saturated salt solution with which to mix a measured amount of faecal material.

Looking down the microscope.

I'm not sure what Hugh could see... but he insisted that he try.

When the tests results showed that the sheep did in fact have worms, they needed to be treated. They were drenched, and for this Roger had a little bit of help. David, who looked after our farm while we were away (share-farming) was still helping out, so the job was done quickly with two blokes drenching. Roger is drenching again today, but this time without help, and without even a dog, as our lovely sheepdog was no longer with us when we returned from France.

David drenching. Many people have asked who was looking after the farm while we were away.
Well here he is!
(Nice pose Dave...)

Getting a sheep to take medicine...

Roger consulting his notebook, and writing down numbers.

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Fragola said...

FAntastic shot of the hands with the book Caro.