Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Selling Sheep

The truck coming to load sale sheep

We have sold some sheep lately: the ewes went to the local abattoir, lambs to the sale yards and wethers for export.
They all have to be identified with the farm of origin code, usually by a brand on the ear tags. Imagine our surprise when we were informed that some of our sheep have the wrong code on their ear tags. In 2007, all the blue ear tags we got and put into our lambs' ears had lazy D S 7, instead of lazy D 5 T. Obviously somebody's handwriting was not neat enough!! Roger is sure(!) that it is not his fault (his handwriting is renowned for its illegibility) but what is more astonishing is that nobody noticed. On the small tag, with black ink burned into the plastic tag, it really is hard to tell. But the worst thing is that we are now going to have put extra tags in before we on-sell any of these blue-tag sheep.

Reversing up to the loading ramp

The truck driver penning sheep on the truck

Old ewes ready to go

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