Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swimming Carnivals

It is the time of year for school swimming carnivals. At Darkan this year the year threes (Bonnie's year) were able to compete in the faction swimming carnival for the first time. They only swam half of the 25 metre pool, and it was the shallow end so they could touch the bottom if they needed to (and yes, some of them did!).

Bonnie in the pool.

Bonnie surfacing...

Sophie as usual got plenty of ribbons for her races in the faction swimming carnival. There are only three girls in her school year, so she has to come either first, second, or third! She also raced in the inter-school carnival last week, and after a disastrous freestyle race she came up to get second in the breast-stroke, in second division. She swam in the first division for the backstroke.

Sophie: backstroke

Sophie: freestyle

Sophie: breaststroke

Matthew performed well in his school (MacKillop Catholic College in Busselton) faction carnival, and was in the team to go to Perth for the ACC Catholic Colleges interschool carnival at Beatty Park last Wednesday. He swam the second leg of the 4 x 50m relay, and swam strongly.

Matthew diving in.

Matthew surging through the water in his relay.

The outdoor pool at Beatty Park.

Although the year ones and twos don't actually compete in the Darkan school faction carnival, they were able to have some novelty races. They went to the pool just before lunch and had some fun in the little pool. They stayed for lunch and then watched the bigger kids do some novelty races.

Odette swimming through the hoops.

Odette in the "noodle" relay.

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