Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yammi, from Hong Kong, came to stay with us for a week; and then came back for another week to help out some more. She contacted us through the website which we are members of. She is leaving tomorrow, and I'm sure we will all miss her cheerfulness, and her cooking.
Here are some of the photos Yammi has taken (and others have taken of her) with her camera while she has been with us...

Sideshow at the Wagin Woolorama

Odette and Bonnie with friend, at the Wagin Woolorama.

Ram judging at Woolorama

Roger loading grain (oats and lupins) to feed to sheep.

A ram and his harem...

Sophie jumping on the beach at Busselton on the weekend.

High 5! Yammi and Matthew on the beach at Busselton.

Pizza stop at Collie on the way home from Busselton.

Cattle in the paddock.

Hugh kicking the footy.

Yammi helping in the sheepyards.

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