Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bobby with Roger on the motorbike.

Bobby is the new sheep dog we acquired back in March. You might have noticed him jumping over the fence in the previous post.
Roger has had to have patience working with Bobby in the paddock (and sometimes he doesn't have much of that left after getting the kids off to school) but has appreciated his help when working in the sheep yards.
Hugh enjoys having Bobby around, as he missed our old dog, Ash, who had an accident and passed away while we were in France. Luckily Bobby is quite friendly, although he did surprise us by growling at Odette when she was playing with a hoop on the lawn by herself. Then at Sophie's birthday party he growled at a visiting child while others were playing with the hoop. There is something about the hoop that Bobby doesn't like, so we might have to familiarise him with hoops so that he doesn't have a negative reaction to them.

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