Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cattle to Market

Last week some cattle went to market. They were young ones left over from last year, or cows that were not pregnant. There is no place on a farm for a cow that will not produce a calf.
We usually send our cattle to Harvey Beef, previously E.G. Green & Sons at Harvey. As they are having some trouble at the moment we would have had to wait weeks to book cattle in with them. (And we still remember the nervous wait we had when E.G. Green & Sons was liquidated just after we had sent 40 grain-fed yearlings to them a few years ago. We eventually got our money, but it has made us a bit wary.)
So instead, the cattle went to auction at Boyanup.
(Oh, apart from the one that is in our freezer as steaks, roast beef, mince and sausages!)

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