Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Domino is our pet calf. He is big and strong and boisterous, which is a contrast to our previous pet calf. Annie was small and fragile, a twin abandoned by her mother. We had to nurse her back to health and the girls would fight over who would feed her.
Not so with Domino. He is shacked up in the sand-pit under the cubby house, for want of better accommodation. When he is let out of his pen the girls make sure they are safely up the ladder in the cubby house, or at least well out of his way. I have a bruise on my lower leg (my calf) from one of his kicks, and he has tried to hyper-extend my elbow by bunting me when I was feeding him.
But Hugh loves to run and play with Domino. He is a calf-wrangler. When Domino sits quietly in the sun after a feed, Hugh will sit next to him and talk to him and stroke his fur. Hugh is not afraid of a little calf like his big sissy sisters are!

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