Thursday, April 9, 2009

Movie Star Party

When Sophie turned 11 last month, she hosted eight of her closest superstar friends for a sleep-over, and filming began on the block-buster movie "Rox Ur Sox".
Sophie had spent the previous few weeks designing posters, writing scripts, developing characters and briefing those involved ready for the filming. (No wonder the two school assignments were completed only the night before they were due to be handed in this week!)
All the girls brought fabulous clothes and high-heels to wear, and there was a mountain of stuff taken over to the old house, which was the set for the movie. There were even wigs, big sunglasses and feather boas to complete the outfits.
Unfortunately I don't think the filming was finished, so there will either need to be more filming or a change in the plot before the final edited version is released in a cinema near you.

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