Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More School Holiday Fun

After our day at the zoo, we went to York to stay with my parents at their Hope Farm Guest House. The kids were keen to swim in the pool, even though the weather was not hot.

Granddad took the kids to the lolly shop while I helped my Mother do computer work. Matthew and Michael helped my Father do some paving and some digging in the garden. The kids sat in the little garden trailer behind the rid-on lawnmower and had fun. They collected the eggs. They dressed up in Nana's collection of costumes and clothes, and they put a lot of work into a play that they performed. Written and directed by Sophie of course.

Sophie being kidnapped by two "baddies"(Michael and Matthew).

Hugh and Odette dressed up for a dancing concert.

Then everyone got up to dance!

On Friday we all had lunch together at Café Bugatti before having one last swim in the pool.
Roger has stayed home, and no doubt he was pleased to have us all back again on Friday night.

Matthew and Hugh in York.

Bonnie choosing from the menu at Cafe Bugatti.

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