Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birds and Trees

Can you see the ducks in the tree in this photo?

The other morning after I dropped the girls at the school bus, Hugh and I had a slow trip home, stopping to look at the birds and trees.
Mountain ducks are pairing up, and preparing to nest in the holes in trees. There are lots of old trees around the farm with nesting holes for parrots, cockatoos and mountain ducks.
One of the trees we looked at had quite a colony of pardalotes or tree-creepers. They were high up in the trees and hard to see without binoculars, but we could hear them.

Maybe this could be a place for a nest...

Two maned geese or wood ducks on a dam bank.

More ducks on the dam bank.

Then they flew away...

Where we stopped, with some big lone Marri trees in the front paddock.

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