Friday, May 1, 2009

Williams Gateway Expo

The children have been on holidays for nearly three weeks. School went back on Wednesday this week. During the holidays we did a few fun things together, and Matthew was at the farm, which is always nice.
On the middle weekend of the holidays I took the kids, and Michael our French visitor, to the Williams Gateway Expo. It is really a country fair or show, but the official title sounds like it is much more.
The best thing about the expo was that there were lots of free activities for the children, like an baby animal farm where they could touch and feed the animal, the Scitech display (hands-on science), a bouncy castle, face painting and roller-blading.

Odette experimenting with magnets

Odette on the bouncy castle

Matthew playing laser games

Hugh in roller-blades about five sizes too big

Odette fitting all the protective gear

Hugh touching a piglet

Sophie trying to climb a rope ladder at the Gymbus

Bonnie trying the rope ladder climb - the goal was to hit a bell at the top to win $50.


Rike said...

The ladder climb looks really difficult, I wouldn´t have made it.
But I would have loved to roll around in roller-blades but probably wouldn´t have found some who would have fit me ;-).
Looks like you had a fun day!

Leesa said...

Great shots!! Love what you did with the photos!
I will follow you on over here... Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.. .Take care, Leesa