Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Burning Up


Burning up fallen logs.

Before cropping there is usually some cleaning up to do in the paddocks. And it usually involves some sort of fire. We only had to burn a little bit of stubble this year, where the remnants would block the combine. Other than that it has been burning up fallen trees, branches and remnant stumps. On the weekends it is a family affair and the kids can help set up the fires, although sometimes they prefer to play away from the fire, or stay in the vehicle.
We have to wait to light fires until after the first rains, or when the weather cools down and becomes damp enough during the night to avoid any risk of the fire spreading and becoming a danger. In our shire the fire restrictions were lifted in the middle of May. For a few weeks before that fires were allowed if a permit was given and there were strict conditions concerning the safety precautions to be taken.

Odette collecting bits of wood to add to a fire.

Odette and Bonnie burning out a stump.

Stubble burning...

The fire unit on hand.

Roger hosing down the area around a piezometer.

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