Thursday, June 11, 2009


Cropping is always a busy time on the farm. We do not plant much crop - just enough to make hay and harvest grain for our livestock to eat over the summer, and some for seed for the following year. Roger is sowing oats at the moment, and will plant some peas over the weekend.
First he has sprayed the grass in the paddocks to minimise weeds in the crops. I haven't photographed him spraying as I haven't been in th right place at the right time.
This year Roger has to do all the tractor driving himself. In the old days his father used to be able to come to the farm and help out at busy times, but he passed away in 2005. After that we had a part-time worker who would do some tractor driving, but this year it is only Roger.
Some farmers who plant a lot of crop manage to keep their tractors going 24 hours a day, with drivers working in shifts. I used to enjoy tractor driving at night time on my family farm at Pingrup when I was farming in my twenties.
These days I get to snuggle up in bed (often with a pint-sized bed-warmer) while Daddy is out working late. Last night I was so sound asleep that I didn't hear him come in just before midnight.
Sometimes one or other of the kids gets to have a ride in the tractor, which is good fun, and sometimes rewarding if they can find a chocolate bar in his lunch box while he is not looking.

It was dark when I went out to pick up Bonnie from her shift with Dad on the tractor.

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