Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wattle Creek

We have had a lot of rain since my last post. The ground must be well and truly wet, which is great for the crops and for the pasture. It has been raining again today, and there are violent storms forecast throughout the south-west of Western Australia this evening.

These photos are from our other farm called Wattle Creek. It is about 30kms from our home farm, and I haven't been there for a long time. Roger usually goes over in the ute, so the whole family can't go. Sometimes one or two children go with him, but I always have to stay home to look after kids, so I can't go with him.
Last week, however, we welcomed a French girl into our home through the helpXchange program. Anaïs is staying with us for a few weeks, until her boyfriend arrives in Australia and they will travel together. It means that the kids get to practise their french with a real french speaker, which is good.
It also means that I can get out more often, which is good for me! And it meant that I went to Wattle Creek for the first time since we've been back from France (5 months!)

In these photos you can see the water in the creek, and a re-diversion that Roger had built to redress the problem caused by the creek finding a new route which took it through the paddock, eroding land and washing away fences. In the top photo Roger is standing on a bank in front of some of the washed out area caused when the creek changed its path.
You may notice that the grass is green in the paddock, but there is not enough bulk yet for the ewes to thrive on it (especially not since they are about to drop lambs) so the sheep feeder is behind the ute.

Roger and a new section of fence.

Roger looking at the creek, back on its original course.

Wattle Creek.

Ute and sheep feeder.

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Rike said...

I didn´t know you´ve got two farms, but I´m always willing to learn... ;-).
Great for the kids they are able to practice french. It is to easy to forget what you´ve learned. I had problems after 3 years in Germany to speak and understand English again (it might be the Kiwi-accent).