Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving House

The house from Wattle Creek was transported today. It arrived at Warragal Park at about 3:15 this afternoon, just before the girls got home on the school bus. The first half of the house has been manoeuvred into position, and tomorrow it will be taken off the truck and the second half put next to it. The stumps will then need to be replaced and cemented in position.

Then our work will begin! We have to put the trimming bits back on, get the water and electricity hooked up, and make some steps. The gutters need replacing, we'll replace the floor coverings and paint the inside walls.

Eventually we hope to do more extensive upgrading like re-cladding and new windows, but that will have to wait until we have a more expansive bank account...

Soon, we will have a great little guest cottage for visitors, so you are invited.

Hydraulic jacks lift half the house off the stumps.

Cutting the stumps off under the house.

Moving the truck under the jacked-up house.

Capercup South-West Road

Coming along Gibbs Road

Getting through the front gate.

Moving through the front paddock.

and again...

The first half being put in its new location

And what was Hugh doing while all this was going on? He was keeping out of the way (?), playing football of course.

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