Friday, July 10, 2009

School Holiday Fun

Yesterday I took the kids to Bunbury for a school holiday outing. First we went rollerblading (Odette and Hugh had roller skates). Then Matthew left us, to go to Exmouth with his step-father.
After lunch at the Natural Temptation cafe I took the kids and Anaïs to the cinema to see the Hannah Montana movie. While they did that I ran around town and did some things like picking up the custom-sized foam mattress for the divan bed in the girls' room. And spending several hundred dollars at the farmers market, and getting my glasses fixed. Unfortunately I also accidentally went into a shoe shop and was coerced into buying an expensive pair of shoes by a skilled salesman (yes, I needed convincing...)
Then we did some more shopping, and had some take-away food for dinner. When we got home everyone was ready for bed, but two girls didn't go to bed straight away because they had a new Sims game to play on the computer.
Hope they're not too grumpy tonight!

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Fragola said...

Photos of the shoes please :-)