Monday, July 27, 2009

Transportable House

The transportable house at Wattle Creek

The house on our other farm (Wattle Creek) is a pre-fabricated transportable house, and for years we have been discussing whether or not we would bring it over to Warragal Park and put it near our house for more space - much cheaper than building more rooms on the house. Well it is finally going to happen! We're preparing for a truck to come on Wednesday morning and transport the house from farm to farm.

The steel base of the house

Some repairs will need to be done. (Toilet window)

Today we took down part of the fence around our house so that there will be room to put the transportable house there. We went to Wattle Creek and I packed up some things from the house. Roger removed the bolts from the stumps underneath the house.

Removing the fence.

Bobby explored one of the post holes.

Once we have the transportable house at home it will mean there will be lots of work to do on it. I hope we can get it looking fairly nice so it doesn't distract too much from the main house. Once it is finished it will be a great guest cottage.

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