Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bed Head

This is how Bonnie woke up this morning. Then she brushed her hair!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And Then There was Light...

The electrical contractor came this morning and connected the electricity to the Wattle Creek house. So now our visitors will be able to see at night without a torch. We hope that Roger will have time to connect up the water on the weekend, and then it will be a fully functioning guest cottage. At them moment anyone who stays there has to come across to the main house for the bathroom.

Electricians doing what they do best.

Marking Lambs

Dirk, Lily and Roger marking lambs.

Roger is about to cut off this lamb's tail with the hot gas knife.

Lily enjoying life on the farm (!)

Dirk and Roger getting ready for smoko.

Bobby wants some too!

Hugh washing his hands.

Roger managed to get Dirk to come out and help mark a couple of mobs of lambs this week. He also had Lily, our newest French helpXchange visitor helping. They ear-marked, ear tagged, vaccinated, scratched (innoculated for scabby mouth), castrated, and cut off the tails.

I got to do the farmer's wife thing and make smoko (morning tea at the shed) this morning. But on Tuesday when they did the first mob I wasn't even here. (I had a photo job away for the day.) This afternoon I left early to go into school and do my volunteer roster for the "support-a-reader" program. So I am not such a good farmer's wife these days...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Fun Day

The Lions Club of West Arthur host an annual family fun day. This year it was at Duranillin, and as usual there were free train and merry-go-round rides for the kids. They also had pony rides. It is a good fun day out for the family. Odette had her face painted, all the kids had pony rides, even I went in the little train, and everyone ate doughnuts and had a sausage in a bun.
Our bridal party display for the decorated bike competition won first prize. Odette was out in front with a bouquet as the bridesmaid, Sophie rode the bike in her white dress. The bike was decorated in tulle. Bonnie was behind holding up the train (oops, that could be misconstrued - she was holding the tulle which was dragging behind) and Hugh rode around on his bike decorated with flowers.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Carla the Rabbit

Sophie's friend at school had a pet rabbit. Actually she had two female rabbits and a male rabbit. You can guess what happened! That's right - their pet rabbit population increased six-fold, and they had rabbits to give away. Our children begged for a suitably long period, and we got good mileage out of "if you're not good you won't get a pet rabbit" (not really - we did a positive parenting course...)
Last week we got a phone call asking what day we wanted to pick up the baby rabbit. Only problem was we still didn't have a hutch. I don't know why Daddy didn't "just make one" as the kids expected. Ha ha...
Anyway the rabbit arrived, and is staying in a make-shift hutch until we pick up a flash two-story one second-hand from a lady who works in town. She said her girls went through the pet rabbit phase a few years ago, and they no longer needed their hutch.
We hope that the rabbit is a girl. Apparently the difference between a girl and a boy rabbit is a slight difference in the shape of a hole. I was told it is a girl, but I didn't investigate further.
Here is Hugh with Carla. She is named after the French president's wife Carla Bruni.

Hugh and Carla.