Friday, August 14, 2009

Carla the Rabbit

Sophie's friend at school had a pet rabbit. Actually she had two female rabbits and a male rabbit. You can guess what happened! That's right - their pet rabbit population increased six-fold, and they had rabbits to give away. Our children begged for a suitably long period, and we got good mileage out of "if you're not good you won't get a pet rabbit" (not really - we did a positive parenting course...)
Last week we got a phone call asking what day we wanted to pick up the baby rabbit. Only problem was we still didn't have a hutch. I don't know why Daddy didn't "just make one" as the kids expected. Ha ha...
Anyway the rabbit arrived, and is staying in a make-shift hutch until we pick up a flash two-story one second-hand from a lady who works in town. She said her girls went through the pet rabbit phase a few years ago, and they no longer needed their hutch.
We hope that the rabbit is a girl. Apparently the difference between a girl and a boy rabbit is a slight difference in the shape of a hole. I was told it is a girl, but I didn't investigate further.
Here is Hugh with Carla. She is named after the French president's wife Carla Bruni.

Hugh and Carla.

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