Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Fun Day

The Lions Club of West Arthur host an annual family fun day. This year it was at Duranillin, and as usual there were free train and merry-go-round rides for the kids. They also had pony rides. It is a good fun day out for the family. Odette had her face painted, all the kids had pony rides, even I went in the little train, and everyone ate doughnuts and had a sausage in a bun.
Our bridal party display for the decorated bike competition won first prize. Odette was out in front with a bouquet as the bridesmaid, Sophie rode the bike in her white dress. The bike was decorated in tulle. Bonnie was behind holding up the train (oops, that could be misconstrued - she was holding the tulle which was dragging behind) and Hugh rode around on his bike decorated with flowers.

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