Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marking Lambs

Dirk, Lily and Roger marking lambs.

Roger is about to cut off this lamb's tail with the hot gas knife.

Lily enjoying life on the farm (!)

Dirk and Roger getting ready for smoko.

Bobby wants some too!

Hugh washing his hands.

Roger managed to get Dirk to come out and help mark a couple of mobs of lambs this week. He also had Lily, our newest French helpXchange visitor helping. They ear-marked, ear tagged, vaccinated, scratched (innoculated for scabby mouth), castrated, and cut off the tails.

I got to do the farmer's wife thing and make smoko (morning tea at the shed) this morning. But on Tuesday when they did the first mob I wasn't even here. (I had a photo job away for the day.) This afternoon I left early to go into school and do my volunteer roster for the "support-a-reader" program. So I am not such a good farmer's wife these days...

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