Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing Rounders

Playing rounders - Sophie batting.

On Sunday afternoon while there were lots of people here, a game of rounders took place on the lawn. A fence dropper was the bat and Hugh's soccer ball was the ball. The first two bases were slides/steps off a play house and third base was a hessian bag. Home base was a hoop. Good fun was had by all those who played or watched.

Acacia blocked Roger on second base.

Matthew got Sophie out on third.

Hugh batting (in his Dockers jumper that fits him like a dress).

Not everybody was playing rounders... Hayden reading a rural newspaper.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This brass plaque in memory of Roger's Father was unveiled today.

Today we remembered Roger's Father, and all his family is here for the weekend. That is Roger's Mother (out of the nursing home for the weekend), his sisters Judy and Wendy with their families, and both his aunts and their husbands. We unveiled a brass plaque which is on a stone on the highest hill on the farm, overlooking the property, and then had a barbecue picnic.

The setting for our BBQ picnic.

Picnic blankets, folding chairs...

All the grandchildren (except Rebecca who is working this weekend, and Hugh, who was not in the mood to be photographed.)

Roger with his Mother (in my old red hat) and sisters Judy (left) and Wendy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Still Sheep Work

Lily showing that she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.

Sheep work is still keeping Roger very busy. He had two French guys staying for a week who did some work in the sheepyards, and Lily is still here. Lily has worked out how to work with the sheep, because sheep work is not always easy if you don't do it the right way. You have to understand a bit of sheep psychology or you could get very frustrated and use a lot of unnecessary energy. You also have to be able to work with the dogs, which can also be frustrating. Lily was up early to help Roger in the sheep yards this morning, even though it is her birthday. Roger will miss her when she leaves on Wednesday, and so will I because she has been working in the house too. It makes a difference when the floor gets swept completely.
On Saturday Roger nabbed his friend Dirk to help in the sheep yards. Dirk lives in town and his three boys enjoy getting out on the farm. Really they were coming out to cut some firewood, but Roger talked Dirk into doing a couple of hours in the sheep yards. It is good to have someone with big muscles to lift the lambs into the marking cradle!

Hugh and Bobby and the Wasmann boys helping Dirk to yard up the lambs.

Dirk sharpening his chainsaw to cut firewood.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Before the blowflies start to get busy we have to crutch the sheep. This is removing all the dirty wool around the sheep's tail (to put it nicely). I got some pictures yesterday of Roger crutching, of Lily pushing up the sheep, and of Hugh "helping". Also a few detail shots.

The crutching cradle is built for three workers, but this year Roger is working by himself.

Lily pushing up sheep.

Roger drenching a ewe in the cradle before crutching it.

Bobby wearing a muzzle so he can't bite the sheep.

Not nice to be bitten on the nose by these teeth...

The daggiest sheep we saw all day. Why can't sheep learn to wipe their own bottoms??

Lily and Hugh with the last of the sheep in the pen.

Lily pushing sheep up the race.

Hugh running (with me practising my panning technique...)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorry that I haven't been blogging about the farm much lately. I haven't been getting out on the farm. Roger is busy with sheep work, and he has our helpXchanger Lily to help him, as well as any other help he can muster. And that hasn't included me yet. But that will change tomorrow. I'll help push up the ewes for him crutching. Lily will be glad of the help I expect. She came home on Tuesday very tired and sporting a few bruises. Old ewes are always the worst. If they don't want to budge they have to be physically man-handled. And when you're a girl that's a hard thing.
Anyway, tomorrow I'll be there, savouring the sweet aroma of sheep manure, so maybe I'll have a post for you soon.