Saturday, September 5, 2009


Before the blowflies start to get busy we have to crutch the sheep. This is removing all the dirty wool around the sheep's tail (to put it nicely). I got some pictures yesterday of Roger crutching, of Lily pushing up the sheep, and of Hugh "helping". Also a few detail shots.

The crutching cradle is built for three workers, but this year Roger is working by himself.

Lily pushing up sheep.

Roger drenching a ewe in the cradle before crutching it.

Bobby wearing a muzzle so he can't bite the sheep.

Not nice to be bitten on the nose by these teeth...

The daggiest sheep we saw all day. Why can't sheep learn to wipe their own bottoms??

Lily and Hugh with the last of the sheep in the pen.

Lily pushing sheep up the race.

Hugh running (with me practising my panning technique...)

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carolebeylier said...

Super pictures, Caro !
We are catching up with your lifes, and it's nice to have a taste of Australia with you !
By the way I'm on Facebook now, where I post some pictures of the family, if you want to join...