Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At Hope Farm

Although our visit to Nanna and Granddad at Hope Farm was brief, everyone enjoyed the trip. We all love the place and we're very sad that my parents want to sell (see the real estate listing) it and move somewhere smaller, although it is understandable that they are finding it hard to put in the work to maintain such a large property now that they are older (in their seventies).

On the way to York we stopped at the Avon Ascent park at Gwambygine and had a walk on the boardwalk.

Hugh and Bonnie putting flowers in the birdbath at Hope Farm.

Nanna and Granddad in the garden at Hope Farm.

The children have been wondering what will happen to the alpacas when Nanna and Granddad leave Hope Farm, and Bonnie was brave enough to ask if she could bring them to Warragal Park. If that happens they would need a shed and a paddock built for them.

The kids leading Kimmy and Chiefy, the alpacas.

I told the kids that they would not be allowed to swim in Nanna and Granddad's pool, and we didn't take their bathers, but it didn't stop them swimming anyway. It turned out to be quite a warm day - 30 degrees in York, which definitely signals warmer weather to come. Hugh was happy to go without any swimwear except a flotation device, and Odette went in her knickers. Matthew fitted perfectly into a pair of Granddad's swimming shorts, and Sophie and Bonnie were kitted out in some of Nanna's old gear. The crocheted Bikini that Bonnie wore is a fashion classic, created by Nanna's late mother Great-Nanna in the 1980s. I remember my Mother sunbathing on the beach in them and getting herself a nice daisy-shaped tan where the holes in the crochet let the sun through!

Sophie in Nanna's cotton singlet and Hugh in just a flotation device.

The bikini pants were held on Bonnie with a hair elastic twisted at the back.

Bonnie applying sunscreen to Sophie.

Matthew in Granddad's boardies and Odette in her knickers.

After driving up and back to York in the day I was pretty tired, and slept most of the next day!
Today I will bed riving up and back to Perth in the day...

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