Monday, October 26, 2009

Boyagin Rock

On the way home from York on Saturday we stopped for a picnic at Boyagin Rock, off the York-Williams Road. We pass the sign and the nature reserve every time we drive down that road, but we have never had the time to stop before. This time Nanna had packed us a picnic because we had to leave Hope Farm before lunch because some prospective buyers were going to look through the house. (Never mind that they didn't show up...)

The nature reserve is nearly 5000 hectares, and has several large granite outcrops. Boyagin Rock is the largest, and it is significant to the Nyoongar people. Apparently if you walk to the top of the rock without stopping the aboriginal belief is that you will live a long life. Well I hope I still live a long life, even though there were many stops on the way to the top - after all I had my camera and Hugh with me...

I would like to visit this nature reserve again, and explore it more thoroughly. There is a campground just outside the reserve boundary, and I found a documented walk on the internet site which gives a good guide to the area.

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Anonymous said...

hey telfers,
we walked on that stone also!
first stop we did after darkan on our way to karlgoorlie.
very nice spot.