Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching up With Family

We are really having a good catch-up with family these school holidays. The first weekend it was all of Roger's family who came to stay, then the following Tuesday my sister Angela brought her three daughters (who are the same age as Sophie, Bonnie and Hugh) to visit and they had lunch with us. Last weekend it was us who travelled, to visit the Marshalls at Torbay (my youngest sister Fiona's family), so the kids caught up with three more cousins - Alice, Henry and Elsa. Last night my elder sister Jennifer came to stay with her gorgeous 14-year-old daughter Emma. Now I am planning another trip - I hope I'll be able to take the children to York to visit my parents on Friday and Saturday. Then that will only leave three cousins that the kids haven't seen in the holidays, and Roger and I would have caught up with all our siblings and parents.

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