Friday, October 30, 2009

Gibbs Road

I didn't catch the Shire graders grading our road (Telfer Road) on Tuesday, but it was a nice surprise to have a lovely clean smooth road to drive home on after basketball.
On Wednesday morning I managed to get these pictures of the graders working on Gibbs Road.

Bonnie and Sophie have started playing basketball on Tuesday nights, but I haven't been able to convince Odette to play. This week Sophie's class cooked the barbecue to raise funds for their camp to Pemberton in December. Well the class didn't cook, it was the parents - or more precisely the mothers - who took the orders and prepared the hamburgers, sausages and crumbed fish burgers for those who wanted to eat. And while I was cooking, I couldn't be watching the basketball, so I missed Bonnie's first goal. I hope there will be plenty more goals for me to see now that Bonnie is one of the biggest of the biddis (years 1 to 3) she is bound to get more of the action.

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