Friday, October 23, 2009

Interschool Athletics

The interschool athletics carnival was held today in Boddington. That is about an hour's drive from here. Three schools participated - Williams, Bodddington and Darkan. Our school has about 100 students from year one to year seven.
Odette was not selected in the school team, so she was one of the few children who went to school today. I offered to take her with us to the carnival but she preferred to go to school.

Sophie on the podium (she came third out of three contestants in second division!)

Hugh preferred to come with us to the carnival, so I made sure I had something to keep him interested. We took a ball, but then all he wanted to do was play on the basketball courts, instead of where we were. I also had a little pack of puppy dog toys, so Hugh was given the puppies to play with. It is as close as we can get with a puppy right now, but we're trying to talk Daddy into letting us have a puppy.

Hugh's toy puppies.

The day turned out lovely for a sports carnival, and Darkan won the day, with most of the champion and runner-up trophies going to Darkan as well. It really is a change because for more than twenty years Darkan had not won the carnival, until last year.

The biggest stuff-up for the day was that the two-hundred metre races all had to be re-run when it was discovered that the track was measured wrong. The outside lane had a twenty-metre advantage, so the records that had been broken were in fact only for 180 metres not 200 metres!! No doubt someone will be pretty red-faced about that, and maybe will need some instruction in measurement...

After the athletics carnival we stopped at the Quindanning Hotel, along with quite a few other families from Williams and Darkan. It is a beautiful spot and there is a huge garden and outdoor area so the kids get to run around while the parents chat over a drink. Unfortunately there was something there that caused Sophie, Bonnie and myself to get hayfever, so we were a bit uncomfortable, and had very sore red eyes by the time we left.

Bonnie in her sports uniform at the Quindanning Hotel

Hugh jumping off the outdoor stage.

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