Friday, October 9, 2009

Portrait Photos

I bought the girls some new dresses this week and bought Matthew a PINK polo shirt to coordinate. Matt was not impressed but I think he looks great. I wanted them all to be coordinated for a photo shoot at Hope Farm. This photo was taken on the front drive as we left Warragal Park this morning. It was quite a misty morning which was fantastic for photos, but Hugh dropped his bread and honey on the ground so the good spirits didn't last long.
We arrived at Hope Farm in York - my parents' place - at lunch time and it is very warm in York. My Dad let the kids lead the alpacas, and evryone got very hot and red-faced. The kids couldn't wait to hop in the swimming pool, so all the blow-drying of hair and gel and product that was applied this morning will be ruined. And there may be a bit of sunburn and some mosquito bites too.
Maybe we'll just have fun instead of having a photo shoot at Hope Farm!

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