Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sophie, Bonnie and Odette have all made fascinators to wear on the occasion of the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup - the Race that stops a Nation! Even though the girls are going to school for a normal school day, they were inspired by all the hats and fascinators they had seen in the shops and media lately, and wanted their own.




They have been worn on many outings already, as well as around the house.
I am going to a Melbourne Cup luncheon at Rarebits on Burrowes, the café next door to my studio. Although I have no idea of a single horse in the race I will watch the race with interest as I will be assigned a horse in the sweep, with a chance to win a small amount of money. I am not a gambling person, but somehow the Melbourne Cup always has a sweep, no matter where you may be on the day.
I remember one Melbourne Cup day when My sister and I were shopping together and decided to have our own sweep - one of us had all even-numbered horses and the other all the odd-numbered horses. The prize was something like the winner had her lunch paid for...

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Leesa said...

So cute! I'm catching up on your blog.. It's been a few months since I've last checked! Happy to see all is going well back in Oz...
There's SNOW all over France (where I live in the Paris region) - we've had snow on the ground all week! And it's getting warmer-- today was 1 C - compared to what it's been for the past week or two!!

Happy New Year to you and your lovely fam!!

Take care,