Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orientation Day

Sophie's orientation day at the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School went well. We met a few of the parents and children who were there, and had plenty of presentations from teachers and staff. While Roger and I were doing that Sophie was off with the new students. She was assigned an older student to be her mentor in the boarding house. 
The Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is situated at Gelorup, just south of Bunbury, and it is in a lovely bush setting. I attended BCGS for my high school years, and I was a boarder for one year. But the school has grown considerably since I was there. I think there were about 320 students in the whole school when I left in1982, and now there are about 900 students with over 100 boarders. There are many new buildings and stat-of-the art facilities.

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