Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday Night French Restaurant

Oscar managed to get a picture of Yannick in the kitchen 

Yannick is French and he is a cook and he has been staying with us for what seems like ages (actually it is eight weeks - he originally intended to stay two weeks so he must feel at home!)  He met the local cafe owners and was invited to prepare a French meal for the locals. He did a Sunday lunch first, and then on Saturday night there was a French dinner at Rarebits on Burrowes. So I booked a table for three and took Candy and Oscar, our other helpXchangers out to dinner.

Me with Candy and Oscar.

We had a lovely meal and a fun night, finishing off with some fun photos in the Anita Jean Photography studio (which is next door to Rarebits).

Who do you think enjoyed this photo the most??

The cook!

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