Monday, November 23, 2009

Shearing at Wattle Creek

The shearers started shearing at our other farm today. The shed at Wattle Creek is pretty good for taking photos, because it is open on the east side.


I noticed some new fashion trends in the shearing shed today. There were some staff I hadn't met before, and I'm not sure how informed they are about workplace health and safety. A couple of them were wearing bare feet, and one shed hand had that teenage boy look with the jeans hanging down past his underwear. It is a wonder he could work and keep them up at the same time. All the shearers wear elastic belts, but this guy obviously doesn't even own a belt.

The traditional shearer's moccasin 
 The bare foot approach...
You may remember that in August we transported the house from Wattle Creek and it has become Wattle Cottage, our guest accommodation at home. And because there is now no house at Wattle Creek, there was no toilet there either. So Roger had to build a "dunny" and put it up on what was the veranda so that it could be plumbed into the existing septic tank.

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