Friday, December 11, 2009

The Christmas Tree

Tonight Father Christmas came to Darkan to visit all the good little girls and boys. As usual he arrived on the fire truck, with the siren blaring and the lights flashing. "He's here! He's here!" could be heard echoing around with excitement and expectation in the air. Father Christmas threw handfuls of lollies out to the waiting crowd. Some of the younger more timid ones had to be carried into the throng by parents eager for their little angels to participate in the excitement.

Once Father Christmas was seated in his chair near the Christmas Tree, all the children sat quietly waiting on the floor. Waiting for their name to be called out so they could go up and receive their present. The more children who received their presents, the noisier it became. The noise of the children ripping open their presents and excitedly showing everyone what they got. And the parents oohed and aahed and exclaimed enthusiastically about how clever Father Christmas was to choose such a brilliant present.

He must have been hot in his Santa suit - it is warmer here than the North Pole. But I am sure Father Christmas would have had a nice beverage to cool him down after all his hard work - the Pre-Primary committee would see to that! And that deep voice of his had a somewhat familiar ring to it...

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