Tuesday, December 15, 2009

School Presentations

School will finish on Thursday, and today the Darkan District High School held a final assembly and concert at the town hall. This will be the last DDHS assembly, as the high school part of the school has been closed. From next year it will be the Darkan Primary School.
The book awards were presented, and Sophie won the academic achievement award for year 6. No surprise really as she has won it every year she has been in primary school. It will be interesting to see how she goes at school at BCGS next year when she is in a different environment, with more classmates. I hope she will thrive in the new environment.
Bonnie and Sophie also won awards for their achievements in French (Odette's class doesn't do French - they start in year 3.)

Sophie receiving the Year 6 Academic Achievement Award

After the awards each class presented an item on the Christmas theme that they had prepared, starting with the kindy and pre-primary class with a nativity play. Odette's class performed an Australian "Twelve Days of Christmas" and Odette was a kangaroo and a possum.

Odette's class presentation - she was a kangaroo

Bonnie's class dressed up in warm coats for a cold Northern Hemisphere Christmas carols performance. We could hardly see Bonnie as she was in the back row.

Bonnie was hidden at the back of her class group

Sophie's class also had a snowy theme for their items, and they danced and sang several songs, interspersed with lively rehearsed banter.

Sophie singing with her class

 And dancing...
We saw Sophie very well as, being one of the shortest in the class, she was in the front row. They finished by throwing shredded paper out into the audience as "snow"!

The "snow" that was left after the room 4 performance.

After the performances there was shared afternoon tea, and the opportunity to view displays of students' work.

Odette read out her story to me.

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