Monday, December 7, 2009

Sheep Truck Accident

We sent some sheep off on a truck today. I hope ours got safely to their destination. Some other sheep were on a truck that rolled over not far from here. I went and took some photos (sent some off to the local paper) and I was pretty horrified by the damage to the sheep. Thankfully the driver (from Esperance) was OK. He managed to climb out of the truck before any passers-by arrived on the scene.
The four-deck road train (8 decks in total) was carting 977 sheep from Esperance to Bunbury when it rolled over after a series of bends in the Coalfields Highway near Boolading, ten kilometres west of Darkan.
Many of the sheep were dead instantly but many others suffered horrific injuries and had to be destroyed. Neighbouring farmers were quickly on the scene with dogs and motorbikes to round up escaped sheep, and to shoot those that could not be saved. The police arrived as soon as they could to direct traffic and to assess the accident. The local volunteer fire brigade also sent people to help with the emergency situation. Local truck owners were bringing their trucks to load up any sheep that had survived. A crane came from Collie not long after I left to get the truck upright. There were lots of sheep still trapped inside.
As horrific as the accident was I was glad that it was only sheep involved, and not people.


Rike said...

OMG poor sheep.

Anonymous said...

did you make a bbq?