Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Contract Harvester

Harvest used to be a very big affair. Roger used to do it all himself, which involved weeks of work in preparation, servicing machinery, harvesting, carting the grain and cleaning up afterwards. It was always a challenge to try to have harvest finished before Christmas, or at least before shearing started. But the harvester was getting very old and worn out. It wasn't worth buying a new one for the small amount of grain we grow - we only grow grain to feed the livestock. We're not big croppers like some farmers further east and north, so it didn't make sense to spend big money on a new machine. So it made sense to relegate the header to the scrap heap and call in the professionals.
Allan Marsh is a neighbour at our other farm Wattle Creek. He and his son Terry both own headers and harvest for farmers around the area. We are way down their list of jobs to do, so we have waited patiently and hopefully, looking at the skies on the odd occasion when thunderstorms have been forecast.
Yesterday was the big day! They started carting machinery in on Sunday night. With two big headers with 30 foot fronts, three field bins and two trucks (ours and the neighbour Dave's) the grain was fairly pouring into the silos yesterday. There was a hiccup at about six o'clock yesterday evening when one of the headers broke down. A shaft broke, and it was not one that could be sent overnight from the suppliers, so the header has been taken home to be repaired. So today the pace will not be so hectic, with only one header working. But still it will all be over by tonight. What used to take Roger more than two weeks will be all done and dusted in two days!! Oh the wonders of modern machinery!!

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