Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cut-out

Sitting around outside, with quite a few beers.

When shearing is over for another year it is traditional for the shearers to have a "cut-out". It's a bit of a celebration on finishing the shed, and an opportunity for the boss to thank the team for their hard work. And it keeps them in the shed while the paper work is done. Our cut-outs are legendary, because instead of just sending a carton of beer up to the shed when they have finished we have a barbecue. We hold it down at the house, and some of the guys usually bring a guitar for a sing-along.
Bob has been shearing at our shed for quite a few years. Four years ago when he had his 60th birthday we made him a cake and took it up to the shearing shed and sang happy birthday to him. Unfortunately he wasn't shearing this year because he has recently had surgery, but he still came out for the cut-out. He entertained us with his singing.
There is usually a substantial amount of beer drunk. I guess those shearers work up a big thirst in the shed. But it is important that there is a "skipper" to safely drive everyone home afterwards.

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