Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holiday at Bremer Bay

What a lovely relaxing and fun family time we had during our week of holiday at Bremer Bay. It was a real proper holiday so I didn't take my camera or my laptop computer. Of course without a camera I have no photos (although Sophie and Bonnie both took cameras they didn't use them.) But there are pictures. Not pictures of fishing on the beach, swimming to the pontoon, having pizza on the beach, playing at the playground, building sandcastles, climbing sand hills, or Hugh "surfing" on a broken boogie board. Not even boring landscapes of the turquoise ocean, white sand and crystal clear waters. Odette didn't have her sketch book with her then. So instead we have pictures of Sophie reading the newspaper, Bonnie lying on the sofa watching a movie, and me reading a book in bed. There is Roger watching cooking shows wearing his hat on the sofa, a view of the kitchen, the TV, and Sophie answering the door to imaginary visitors. But somehow I have lost the one of Hugh sitting on my lap in a round chair.
I hope you enjoy these insights into our holiday.

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Cate said...

Fantastic! The insights of children. Just beautiful. And sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.