Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boarding School

Sophie has gone to the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School and Matthew has gone to the Agricultural College at Harvey. They both started on Monday, and Bonnie and Odette had their first day back at Darkan Primary School on Monday too. So it was a very busy day! Thankfully we have two helpXchange helpers here to help us out, so they put Bonnie and Odette on the school bus and picked them up again in the afternoon. And they minded Hugh during the day.
Roger, Sophie and I left early enough to make the one and a half hour trip to Bunbury and get there between 8:30 and 9:00am. The car was loaded down with suitcases and bags containing everything that Sophie will need for the boarding house and the classroom. Except the guitar for guitar lessons - which we forgot.
We unloaded all the luggage and carried it to her new home, then Roger left to meet Matthew and his Mother on the highway. They travelled to Harvey to settle Matthew into the Agricultural College. Matthew had organised a king single sized bed to accommodate his 185cm and 85kgs. That didn't leave much room in the cubicle! They were provided with lunch before the parents left Matthew to his new surroundings and I met Roger back in Bunbury. We did a few chores before going back to BCGS to see how Sophie's day had gone.
Apart from one mistake the day seemed to go smoothly. Apparently Sophie and another girl went to the auditorium with the rest of the year sevens, but didn't realise that they were supposed to go back to the year seven centre. So they stayed there, all through a boring session explaining year 8 and 10 options! They felt like noodles when they realised! But there are bound to be a few mistakes when getting used to new routines.
After Sophie was all unpacked and we had her room looking lovely with her new bed linen and things, we joined the rest of the boarders and their parents for an early barbecue tea.
And then it was time for us to leave.
And that is when Sophie's eyes started to get watery and she didn't want to let go of me. I was very glad that one of our friends, who has a son in the same situation, took Sophie to sit with them and we walked off. Just had to go!
On the way home I texted Sophie and she sent back a colon and a closing bracket :)
I also texted Matthew, but he didn't send anything back.
Then this afternoon I had THREE calls from Sophie. First she was bored - she didn't know what to do and she couldn't play with her sisters like she usually does after school. And her room mate was doing laundry! Sophie assured me that she wouldn't do her own laundry when there is a laundry service provided at the school. Then, she rang to ask about me going to visit on the weekend and reminded me that I had to ring the boarding master. Then finally, after dinner she rang to say goodnight, and she said the food was so nice that she ate too much and had a sore tummy.
Sleep well Sophie.

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