Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Basketball Grand Final

Bonnie's basketball team played in the grand final tonight, and they came out victorious. Bonnie's basketball skills have really improved during the season, and she contributes well to her team. It was a well deserved win, and a very tight game. It was the defending that defined the game, as the scores reflected.
Next season Bonnie will have to play with older kids, which will extend her even more. This time she was one of the big kids!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hugh at school.

This is one of a series of photos I took for the Darkan Primary School to celebrate its new status. The school is no longer a district high school, so all children over the age of twelve must go away to school to continue their education. Most high-school age children were already going to boarding school, and we have sent Sophie away in year seven this year.

I haven't been blogging about the farm much lately. It is not that nothing is happening, but just that I haven't had time to blog. It is after midnight now, and I have another very busy week coming up. I have been spending time doing my photography in my studio in town, and I have had a few days tied up with children's activities. Sophie's swimming carnival was last Tuesday (she is not a strong swimmer so only swam 25 metres of freestyle in a 150 metre relay race), Bonnie's swimming carnival last Thursday (she was equal runner-up year 4 girl
) and Bonnie's basketball final last Tuesday evening (her team is in the grand final on Tuesday night).

I have Stephanie from France helping me in the house (thank goodness!) and there are two French guys (Yannick the cook and his friend Fabien) helping Roger on the farm. They have drenched sheep, pulled weeds, taken down a fence, and tomorrow they will start to put up a new fence. Most of the time I am not here to photograph them working!

On Friday we all went to Wagin to the Woolorama (the agricultural show), and Roger and I went again on Saturday. We saw lots of displays, Odette won $3 for a picture she exhibited, and we were well entertained. On Friday night we all had a go on the "bucking bull" ride and I am glad to say I survived for ten seconds and didn't injure myself! Of course I didn't have my camera to take any photos for proof.