Thursday, April 8, 2010


For the last few years there has been a black cat which has been sighted only very occasionally around the sheds on the farm. At first when the kids told me there was a black cat I didn't believe them, and thought that they must have seen a rabbit or something else that looked like a cat. But seeing is believing, so since the day I saw it with my own eyes (about a year after the kids told me about it) I have believed in the existence of the black cat, although we have only ever seen it four or five times...
Sometimes when we arrive home in the dark the children beg me to drive around the sheds shining the car headlights to see if we can spot the mysterious black cat. And a couple of times we have.
Then yesterday Matthew and his friend Jake were getting sheep manure from under the shearing shed and guess what they found? Three little kittens!
They brought the kittens up to the house (in the wheelbarrow) for everyone to look at, and then took them back. In the short time they had them, the kids named the kittens Timmy, Tommy and Escapee.

Matthew with a cute kitten

Up close and personal

Odette checking one out


Joyce (helpX) with a kitten

Cute little kittens...

Wild animal!

Since the discovery of the kittens there has been much discussion about the ethics of kittens - should they be humanely destroyed? Should they be left to become feral animals which prey on small native marsupials and birds? Is it a good thing to have stray cats around the sheds to keep the mice and rats down? Should they be left to grow up and then be used as target practice for shooters?
At the moment the kittens are under the shed, on their way to become feral pests; or farm vermin control, depending on which way you look at it.

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