Thursday, April 1, 2010

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A section of new fence

This is a bit of a catch-up blog, as I have been running around so busy lately that I haven't sat down to blog.
The season has changed, with the mornings being cool and damp. We had rain on the 22nd of March, which has resulted in the paddocks turning a greenish colour, after the hot summer months of brown. It is a welcome change, as the rain also replenished our tanks and filled the dams. And it settled the dust a bit.
Although we welcomed the rain it came with a storm which caused widespread damage, not so much at our place but in the metropolitan area of Perth there was millions of dollars of damage. There was flooding, trees uprooted, rooves damaged, windows broken with hailstones and cars thoroughly pitted by hailstones. I have seen pine trees with hardly any leaves left after they had been battered by the storm. My sister says that she has never seen such big hailstones, and she was surprised because they weren't round, but jagged - like there had been a thick sheet of ice which broke up and fell out of the sky.
On the farm Roger has done a lot of fencing work. (No not with an épée!) The French guys who have been with us in the helpXchange program were kept busy too. They did about two kilometres of boundary fencing, as well as taking down some other old fences that need to be replaced. And then after the rain they had to repair some sections that got washed away.

Where the creek ran over the road when the drain blocked

Water! (Better than dust...)

My mother surveying the water damage

Hugh helping Roger to clean up, supervised by my father

Roger removing a log so he can repair the fence

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Water Restoration Service said...

That's a great damage you have in there. It's like it has consumed a part of the street.