Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clearing Sale

Roger has been wanting a new (second-hand) 5-in-1 seed and fertiliser bin so he has looked at the classified advertisements in the Farm Weekly and he has scanned the clearing sales. He went to a clearing sale a couple of months ago but instead of buying a bin he bought an old motorbike and some other random junk as is so easy to do at a clearing sale. This week there was a reduction sale at a farm just near home, so we went along and he bought an old 5-in-1 bin. It was a lot cheaper than he had budgeted for (but he will need to do a fair bit of work on it before he uses it.) And as an added bonus he also bought the truck that it was mounted on, for only $1,000!! You can probably guess how old the truck is. It needed to be jump started and have the brakes bled before he could drive it home.

The auctioneer selling the truck

The proud new owner...

A little bit of rust...

Yannick and Fabian (helpX) checking out the new purchase

The truck and bin

A detail from the sale

Hugh took his tricycle

Farmers at the sale

Getting the truck started

bleeding the brakes

Roger wasn't tempted to bid on the field bin...

or the tractor with front-end-loader...

or these...

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