Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hugh on the Quad

I had been planning to take some photos of Hugh on the quad. He looks so cute in his motorbike boots and helmet. He has just started to ride the little four-wheeled motorbike. The brake requires quite a bit of strength, and he needs to use two hands to handle it. Which has never been a problem, until this afternoon. He was riding when it started to rain, and to his credit he thought about putting the bike under shelter. Unfortunately Roger has been putting it on the verandah right up against the glass door at night, so Hugh tried to do the same.
I heard the BANG from the laundry, and I must say that laminated safety glass is a very good thing. There was glass everywhere, but the little shattered pieces were fairly easy to clean up.
I didn't get the photo of Hugh wearing his helmet, gloves and boots, as he had fled the scene by the time I got my camera.

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carolebeylier said...

Waouh, impressive picture... Good thing he was wearing protections !