Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dad's Knee Surgery

My Dad has had knee replacement surgery, so I went to Hollywood (Hospital) to visit him. I drove to Perth yesterday, and stayed the night at my sister Angela's house. I spent the night with her three delightful daughters while she and her husband Ray went out to a dinner. I visited Dad yesterday afternoon and again this morning. He has been in hospital for a week, and should be allowed to go home tomorrow. He seemed pretty weary while I was there, which I guess is understandable after being in bed for seven days.

Mum has been staying at my elder sister Jennifer's place, and going to the hospital every day. The surgery was maybe more stressful for her than it was for Dad.

Here are some photos I took this morning, while Mum tried to make Dad's leg more comfortable for him.

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Leesa said...

Holy Cow!! That is SOME scar but it looks really good! It looks like mine - after I fractured my patella (back in '96) and had emergency knee surgery.. The scar is the same length.. But, I didn't have reconstructive surgery- just hardware but in and then taken out, 6 months later..
How is he doing now? Please wish him a good recovery for me...
Take care,