Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going to Japan

Sophie and I will be going to Japan in October. Sophie was chosen to be on the Bunbury-Setagaya Student Goodwill Visit 2010, and I volunteered as an adult helper.
Setagaya, in Tokyo, has had a sister city relationship with Bunbury for eighteen years. The trip for students is designed to foster friendships and cultural understanding between the two cities.
For the last six weeks Sophie and I have been busy attending weekly meetings, and also a weekend camp to prepare for the trip. We have got to know the twelve other students and three adults who will be travelling with us. We have learnt a little bit of Japanese, and also what to expect in Japan. It is certainly going to be a full-on ten day visit. The trip even includes a day at Disneyworld in Tokyo. We will be guests of the city of Setagaya, and will be welcomed by the Mayor.
Last night we had the official farewell from the Mayor of Bunbury, David Smith. We met some of the other city councillors, and committee members of the sister city committee. Our group presented the three songs we will be singing when we are in Japan. We will sing for the Mayor and the Assembly, as well as at a school visit and on a couple of other occasions.
Yesterday I had an email informing me of the host family I will be staying with for four days during the visit. The host mother Hiromi said "We have two naughty boys so our home is always lively"! I guess I should fit in quite well there. Two naughty boys must be twice as good as one naughty boy...

Sophie and her school friends inspected the lovely inlaid timber floor in the council chambers.

A family photo

People looked through the scrapbooks that the trip participants had made about themselves.

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