Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Barna Mia Wildlife Sanctuary Visit

Last night I took the girls, and their friend Imogen (who was staying over), to the Barna Mia wildlife sanctuary in the Dryandra forest between Wandering and Narrogin. It was nearly 100km from home. Three other families from Darkan also went.
The Barna Mia wildlife sanctuary is 4Ha (10 Acres) of natural bush which has been securely fenced to keep out predators (especially foxes and feral cats). Air-borne predators are still welcomed. The small marsupials that live there have been reintroduced to the area and are thriving. We saw Woylies (brush-tailed bettongs), Boodies (burrowing bettongs), Rufous Hare-Wallaby and a Bilby. The bilby was the most exciting to see. The Curlews were quite vocal and added to the atmosphere.
We arrived at six o'clock in the evening, which gave us time to register for the tour and watch a visual presentation to educate us a bit about the wildlife before it was dark enough to venture out to look at the animals. Although they are wild animals, they have become used to the feeding routine, and will come quite quickly to the feeding stations once the food has been put out. The guide uses a red light to allow the visitors to see the animals without disturbing them. This of course made it difficult to photograph the animals, which is why I have presented them as black and white images.

The visitors centre is built of straw bale construction, and is quite attractive

The percent for art scheme is evident in the stained glass windows and wall mural

Odette in front of the fabulous Ian Dickerson Mural

Bonnie signing the visitor book

Odette meeting a stuffed marsupial

Ready for the visual presentation

Lots of boodies at a feed station

This boodie has a baby in her pouch - can you see the bulge?

Everyone watching in the red light

The gorgeous bilby!

The bilby really was the highlight of the night for me. Bilbies are always depicted as being very cute, with large ears, a long snout, white tipped tail and interestingly coloured fur. The real bilby was almost a caricature of itself! I am so glad we were lucky enough to see one!

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